Photos Submitted by Brantly Enthusiasts

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This ship is owned by Ken Kelley in Chattanooga and is SN-5.

Another picture of SN-5

Paul Salmon's B-2B.  Paul is CFI and offers training in his Brantly (see Flight Training from Resources menu)
Submitted by Mario Bazanni from Switzerland.  This is probably one of the oldest Brantlys still flying - B2 with serial number 27, and is based in Austria.

David Mathews B-2B

David Mathews B-2B

Pic N888CF.jpg
Click for pictures of Chinese Brantlys
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This is a picture of Barry Freeman's B-2B in the UK. The serial number is 481 and was built by Lear industries in 1968. This is thought to be the last one built by Lear. It has 980 hours total time and, according to Barry, flys like a dream.
This helicopter is Serial # 337, N2175U owned by Bryan Cobb. It was brown and white prior to restoration. He just finished a 2-year long 1200HR and restoration. It has 2760TT. For some pictures of the restoration, visit
Frankie's Brantley 21.jpg
A picture of Frank Ferree's B2.
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Don Lewellen's former B-2B is serial #417 and had 548 hours on it when he purchased it. It still had the original red and white paint, but now has a new paint job. He has also rebuilt the engine, all gear boxes, and the transmission. Don flies out of Moseby, MO. Click on the thumbnail for more photos of Don's Brantly.
This is a picture of Ron Spiker's B-2B from a fly-in in Pennsylvania.
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Steve Chenoweth's former B-2B, serial number 457. Click on the picture for more of Steve's photos.
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Here is Nigel Minchin's B-2B, s/n 2004 N19GL, taken on a marine quay at Cowes on the Isle of Wight in the south of England. s/n 2004 was built in 1991. It was shipped out to Japan for a sales drive, then it ended up in San Francisco which is where he bought it. He shipped it to the UK in 2001 and it still has only 58 hours on the hours meter!

US Army Brantly at Ft. Rucker.  Click on the photo to see more of Jason Goodwin's Photos.

Pictures of Trey Manning's B2

Photo of  B2B sitting on the grass near the river in Melbourne, Florida. Owned by Michael Cardinale and Joseph McClure. Basically totally restored. 404 blades, new tail rotor blades, transmission overhauled. Tailrotor drive system out for overhaul now. Runs beautifully, just used for fun.

Here are pictures of Brett Sullivan's recently painted B2-B.  Brett is in Salem, IL.

Photo of  Thomas Gregory's Brantly.