Don Lewellen's Photos

a_full covers3.jpg
Pictures of Don's ship with covers and blade tie downs from Bruce's custom covers. (
front view.jpg full covers1.jpg full covers2.jpg
full covers4.jpg left front.jpg left front 2.jpg left rear.jpg
left side.jpg MVC-001F3.jpg MVC-005F.jpg MVC-006F.jpg
zNew a.jpg
What fun!
zNew b.jpg
Hover check and away they go!
zNew c.jpg
Landing at brother-in-laws with Mom.
zNew d.jpg
Don and Mom are off again.
zNew e.jpg
Mom and Don after landing.
zNew f.jpg
Mom did great!
zNew g.jpg
Mom loved it!
zNew h.jpg
Sister's house.
zNew i.jpg
Going over check list for take-off with his sister.