Jason Goodwin's Photos

Jason's Comments:

As far as I know, 5 of these were sent to the Army here at FT Rucker. As for the 5 here at Rucker, this one is the only one that remains. The museum director does not know what happened to the other two but seems to think that they could have been used for target practice on a range. He says that has happened to a lot of aircraft in the past. Also, I researched here at the Technical Library for any flight reports or documentation of any kind about the Brantly and I believe I drove the librarian mad trying to find something. The only documentation we came up with was an article and photo about giving the Brantly to the museum.

Overall the machine was in great condition, and my escort mentioned that it was good enough to be displayed but that they just didn't have the room for all of them. The most notable site was the thermocouple on the upper T/R gearbox, allowing the operator to have a warning light when temperatures exceeded safe operating limits.

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