Sharing the Brantly!

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Sharing the Brantly!

Postby seneca2e » Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:19 am

Well the patrol Enstrom came in Friday. It is piloted by a great young pilot named Jon along with another pilot they'd just hired named Ted. Now these guys fly a LOT-about 8 hours a day! Jon has logged an incredible number of hours this past year-he said he'd just rolled past 3000 hours tt(logging well over a thousand in the last 10 monhs).

I'd went on the patrol with Jon a few months ago and promised him a go at the Brantly. So I got to pay it forward and let both he and Ted fly the Brantly. I think Bill Mott also knows Jon as he has stopped in at Cherry Point(sp?) before he said. At any rate these young guys did wonderfully flying the Brantly especially coming from the heavy handed Enstrom. No overcontrolling and excellent throttle coordination. I never had to touch the controls at all nor did I feel squirmy in the seat at any time lol. They both left with a big smile and favorably impressed with the Brantly. Now that's what its all about!
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Re: Sharing the Brantly!

Postby Ron Spiker » Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:19 pm

Nice going. Glad they liked it.
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