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Brantly Survey

Postby Ron Spiker » Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:59 pm

I've been asked to conduct a survey on price points and market size for the B2B going back into production; initially as-is, followed by an upgraded model.

They will likely need to have some income initially from sales of ships and parts in order to fund the project of upgrading. Also, they will be able to more quickly get parts out into the field if there are complete ships being sold to help offset the cost.

We know that Enstrom just came out with a 2-place trainer to compete with the R22, but it has a price tag of $365,000. Brantly has had recent meetings about this and is looking for suggestions for pricing for the B2B coming back into production, and what expected sales might be. Is it feasible to even do this?

Please respond with any opinions on the questions. Thanks
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Re: Brantly Survey

Postby seneca2e » Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:15 pm

Would it be awesome to have the Brantly reborn? Of course! To really compete against the R22 and the new Enstrom you have two courses. Keep it as is and offer it for just a can't not buy it price is one venue. Another would be to upgrade it with things we all know it needs to be competitive-more performance(more hp or same hp and more efficient blades or both) and a governor(has to have more performance to make this feasible otherwise it might be counterproductive). A bit more tail rotor authority would be nice. A second shower of sparks magneto would make hot starting much easier with very little extra cost. Make the mags easier to get to with a larger access opening and more adjustability-the current mags while reliable have a very limited rotation when you're timing them to the engine(sometimes you have to flip the gear to get them to time. The thing just has so much going for it already-a bulletproof transmission, gearboxes, very reliable centrifugal clutch, wonderful oleo landing skids, great designed rotorhead, reliable low fuel warning light, bladder fuel tanks for crashworthiness, etc. Most things on it don't require much if any change-just a few tweaks here and there and a reliable manufacturer with high QC.
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Re: Brantly Survey

Postby Hillberg » Thu May 01, 2014 2:22 pm

They surendered the Type certificate & production certificate, So to have it sold here now as a certified machine is mute.
PMA parts ? But I don't think Chana has the IACO or Reciprical agreement in place unless its with a mega manufacture,
The guys that have superiour enginges & brantly will they fork out the funds? for new certicication??, traning fixed wing (engines) & drones ( Brantly) Thay haven't any American future. That my jist on the subject.
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Re: Brantly Survey

Postby 9121u » Sun May 04, 2014 3:36 pm

If someone is interested in bringing back the brantly for around 200 grand.since there a great safe little helicopter. with a few changes they would do good in the market. but it has to be done right
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