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Helicopter instruction musings

Postby seneca2e » Sun Jul 13, 2014 7:33 am

I've been a commercial fixed wing and helicopter CFI for well over 30 years. Giving quite a bit of dual in fixed wings I never really noticed how little I got to fly the plank. Probably because does it really matter in the airplane? But the helicopter is different. You want to be the one flying it most of the time. But after the initial instruction to a certain level of competency it's amazing just how little you actually fly the helicopter with students. The last few hours of dual I've given in the Brantly I might have touched the controls 45 seconds! The debate about hiring someone with lots of instruction time vrs someone that has built his time giving rides, etc is always an interesting one. Strong arguments can be made both ways and both have merit. Instructing definitely develops your skills and judgement to head off problems(some no one could correct for in which case it is a very bad day) but you won't be actually flying the helicopter much past the initial hours. So just remember you have to go out there and practice yourself to stay sharp and always try to get better. Plus it's always fun!
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