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Leaf Blower??

PostPosted: Mon Nov 03, 2003 6:47 pm
by Ron Spiker
Who needs a little hand-held leaf blower when you have a helicopter? I saved my self 2+ hours of leaf raking this weekend by "rounding up" the leaves with the helicopter. The neighbors thought it was funny. Took about 5 minutes to get them in all inside my tree line around the house, where just a little raking time was needed. Didn't think about having anyone video it until after I was done. Maybe I'll get a chance again next weekend.

Gotta have fun with these things.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 7:07 pm
by Ron Spiker
Doing this again this year, but I remembered to get a video of it this time. Below is about a 40 second clip that shows me clearing the back yard with the helicopter. If the viewing speed is too slow, right-click on the link and pick "Save Target As...", then save it to your computer and watch it from there.

Smaller file for slower internet connections
Larger file for faster internet connections

Both videos are the same clip. Just one has a larger picture than the other.