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PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2015 5:56 pm
by Tom Hron
I own two sets of Brantly 248-404 main rotor blades with approximately 2,300 hours time remaining. Both have now been eddy current tested by Mark Bloodgood (, Talon Test Laboratories, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona, in accordance with FAA AD 2014-20-16 and Authorized Release Certificates, (FAA Form 8130-3s), have been issued for both sets. Each set cost $202.50, the company was nice to work with, and I left my calibration standard with them so if other Brantly owners need testing they can use my standard for an extra charge of $50, which is far less than it costs to make one. In addition, Talon has other locations in the U.S., so you are welcome to coordinate things with someplace closer and I will tell Mark to loan my calibration standard to his associated labs. All my handwringing over this AD was a big waste of time.