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Old newspaper article

PostPosted: Sat Nov 01, 2014 2:30 pm
by StarKiller
I tried to attach it but couldn't. If you want to add it to your articles section, I've got it in my Dropbox, for now.

The article, from August 1957, says they were building parts but hadn't put one together, yet. The pictures are crap, but you can make out most of the print. I recognize some of the names. Gene Hill died about 5 years ago but Robert McCord still lives here, I graduated from high school with his daughter. I think Montuoro moved to Florida at some point. The ship flying in front of the factory had to be one of the prototypes. Erickson died in 1978, interesting guy
He played a big part in the Coast Guard adopting helicopters for rescue.

Daddy started there 2 years later. He said he thought they had 16 or 17 ships completed, then, plus the prototypes.