How many built6? How many operating?

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Re: How many built6? How many operating?

Postby N2285U » Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:10 am

Here you go scrapper - 50 hours TT and a 2004 model: ... ?id=495981

Go to and search helicopters to see the listing
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Re: How many built6? How many operating?

Postby scrapper » Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:54 am

N2284u THX - Wow, beautiful machine. Looks like fm the pic pages it was bought unpainted, black is nice.
+This is going to get complicated. Parts, if Brantly does not come back, how far out will timed and in general all parts be available and what will their price be? If new 404 blades exist, what would they be in 5 yrs, 8 etc? Can we black mkt them in from China? (+ needing cert)) I know there are 2-3 good parts inventories now, but. So does one buy a 50k machine, hope to run it 5 yrs, but be prepared to junk, or $120k newer ship, but risking in 3 or 7, you are stuck, no XYZ part available and 120k ship is now $5k for parts instead of 60k. Too many parts can’t be machine shop made.

+ Acknowledged long shot - am sure others have tried, but I am going to start advocating Brantly Int. in China to get the op going here for sure. The B2B is so unique, simple, less expensive, excellent engineered, you all know it all. It just needs to live on. I really think the cult / brand can be built, from 300 million people, why not 100/ yr sales. I may run my work by 1 or 2 of you before sending it out.

+ I have a gen Wall Street background and recently had my 1st experience preparing a Private Equity proposal. Again long shot, it would be in the Venture cCpital category, but might a US partner make it more feasible? X owners over time, closed up, 10 sold in 18 mo ~2006, lose $$$ fast and easily !! :) not inviting but I will dig around to ascertain possibilities. VC is putting up $$$ for long tail big wins, a large # fail. Pvt Eqt is more sure thing financing, which this isn’t!

+ From the posted pic of the non-manned ship, the obvious risk comes to mind, China bought this for the technology which is common, common these days, with no plans to sell it here.

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Re: How many built6? How many operating?

Postby edspilot » Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:10 pm


About 2 1/2 years ago I started my search for a helicopter. I joined here and asked alot of questions, like you and got also some very good answers.

In May 2009 I bought a 2005 Robinson R22 Beta II with 3040 hours total time or 850 SMOH on everything which gives me 1350 hours to the next overhaul on everything. The overhaul was completed in February 2007, so with a 12 year limit or 2200 hours, I had 9 years and 9 months and the 1350 hours left.

I flew my first year 135 hours, so far this year I am on the same pace. So, if I fly 135 for each year I will run out of time and hours at the same time. Also, at any time before I can sell with the remaining time to help with the sale for the next buyer.

I just decided that the factory moving to China, parts and age of the ships and other reasons mentioned here previously, I went with a still in production ship. A ship that is well tested and will be around for a long time. If you learn, you will probably learn in an R22 as they are by far the most common training helicopter out there, unless you are large in weight, 240# seat max and most usually it is really about a 220# max. If that is the case, then the S300 or Enstrum or best is a Bell 47, that is what I learned in.

The insurance is going to cost for a R22 about 7,500 to 12,000, first year and if you are learning in your helicopter, even more.

My first year cost were this:

Insurance (personal): $7,450.00 yearly
Hanger: $2,400.00 yearly
Annual Inspection total: $1,800.00
Scheduled 50/100 hours Inspections: $1,100.00
Fuel (120 hours x 9 gal p/h x 4.50 p/g): $4,860.00
Oil (average 1 qt each 8 hours x 8.50 p/q): $127.00
This year total: $19,537.00

Cost to buy (age & hour dependant): $110,000.00 to 160,000.00

This does not count setting aside anything for reserves and upgrades, just actual out of pocket expenses.

Hope this give you some more info to ponder.

There are alot of great people here and all are more than willing to help in your quest. Continue to take advantage of their assistance. It is for the love of flying helicopters that we all are here, even though I do not fly a Brantly, they let me hang around. :P

Best of Luck in your search.

Feel free to ask me any other questions about my R22.

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